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Britney Spears labeled tax delinquent by FTB

by Chris Housh 30. November 2012 14:31

Britney Spears allegedly owes back taxes.

It's no secret that popstar and American Idol judge Britney Spears has experienced a few ups and downs in her career. However, it seems like her troubles aren't behind her just yet. According to reports, the Louisiana native has caught the attention of the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

Celebrity news source TMZ recently obtained documents indicating that the FTB has issued a tax lien against the singer - as well has her former husband Kevin Federline - for unpaid back taxes from 2004. The media outlet states that Spears and Federline owe the state $37,712 altogether for the year.

As TMZ notes, 2004 was a profitable one, both for Spears and Federline, who married that same year. Spears embarked on her much-lauded and highly successful Hotel Onyx concert tour, and also released a compilation of her greatest hits, "The Best of Britney Spears." Meanwhile Federline, then a backup dancer, earned a role in the movie "You Got Served," which grossed $48,631,561 at the box office.

Spears and Federline join the ranks of Dionne Warwick, Steven Seagal and O.J. Simpson, other high-profile individuals who have recently come under fire for allegedly failing to comply with California tax laws.

However, in this instance, a representative speaking on behalf of Spears says the tax lien was a mistake, and that the tax delinquency charges against the celebrity are untrue.

Whether Spears and Federline acquiesce and pay off the specified amount, or choose to fight the action in court, they could benefit from the aid of a licensed tax lawyer. At Moskowitz LLP in San Francisco, our knowledgeable tax attorneys can help California residents resolve tax issues with the FTB and IRS.

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